About the MVSA

The Melbourne Vascular Surgical Association was formed in 1995 with the aim of creating a craft group that would be cohesive and strive to achieve "best practice" in vascular surgery.

From an initial membership of surgeons from 9 public hospitals, the MVSA's membership now encompasses almost all surgeons practising specialist vascular surgery in Victoria, and has a growing number of associate members interstate and overseas.

The MVSA formed an Audit subcommittee in 1998, and since it commenced formal audit activities in 1999 it has paved the way in clinical surgical audit in Australasia, gaining worldwide recognition for the quality of its audit program.

Currently, the MVSA continues to play a role in Australia-wide audit of vascular surgery, as well as its core activities of continuing medical education amongst its members, supporting vascular surgical trainees, and advancing the interests of the wider community in regards to the practice of vascular surgery.

Current Office Bearers of the MVSA are:

President: Mr Gary Fell
Secretary: Mr Bernard Allard
Treasurer: Mr David McClure
Education Officer: Mr Peter Charalabidis