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Online Surgeon Directory

An online surgeon directory has been added to the website - Click on "About Us" on the top right and then choose "Surgeon Directory" from the list.

In order to appear in the list, you must:

1. Fill in your Professional Information (click on "My Account" on the left hand side of the page)
2. Tick "Show me in the Surgeon Directory" on the same page
3. Be registered on this website as an MVSA Ordinary Member (this is done by an administrator automatically when your account is created)

Website Update

Regular visitors will notice that the MVSA website has been redesigned. The MVSA website has been moved to a new content management system which should be much simpler to update and maintain, leading to improved access to information for MVSA members and the general public.

We hope that you find the new format easier to use as we work towards improving the content on the site.

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