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The Melbourne Vascular Surgical Association was formed in 1995 with the aim of creating a craft group that would be cohesive and strive to achieve "best practice" in vascular surgery.

From an initial membership of surgeons from 9 public hospitals, the MVSA's membership now encompasses almost all surgeons practising specialist vascular surgery in Victoria, and has a growing number of associate members interstate and overseas.

Vascular 2012


Vascular 2012 Conference

20-23 October 2012

Crown Conference Centre, Melbourne, Australia

"Solutions to Challenges in Vascular Surgery"

Australian and New Zealand Society for Vascular Surgery

combined with the

Asian Society for Vascular Surgery

and the

World Federation of Vascular Societies

MVSA Education Meeting - December 2010

10/12/2010 08:30
10/12/2010 10:00


RACS Perth ASC 2010


79th Annual Scientific Congress
Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
4 – 7 May 2010
Perth Convention Exhibition Centre
Perth, WA, Australia
Website: http://asc.surgeons.org
Email: asc.registration@surgeons.org
T: +61 3 9249 1273
F: +61 3 9276 7431

The Perth Conference Exhibition Centre (PCEC) is the venue for the 2010 Annual Scientific Congress. PCEC is situated on Mounts Bay Road overlooking the beautiful Swan Estuary.

'Iodine allergy' label is misleading - Australian Prescriber

Constance H Katelaris, Professor, Clinical Immunology and Allergy, University of Western Sydney, and Campbelltown Hospital, Sydney; and William B Smith, Specialist, Clinical Immunology and Allergy, Royal Adelaide Hospital

'Iodine allergy' is not an accurate label for patients who have had allergic reactions to iodinated radiological contrast media or iodinated antiseptics. Allergy to seafood has nothing to do with iodine content as it is caused by specific immunoglobulin E to proteins. Seafood allergy is not a specific risk factor for reactivity to iodinated radiological contrast media, but a history of any moderate or severe allergic disorder confers a slight increase in risk. Patients with a previous history of allergy to radiological contrast media are at highest risk of a reaction. In some cases the risk of an allergic reaction to contrast media can be reduced by premedication, but, if previous reactions were severe, contrast media will usually remain contraindicated.

Key words: anaphylaxis, contrast media, seafood allergy.

(Aust Prescr 2009;32:125-8)

MVSA Education Meeting - June 2009

This time it was Geelong Hospital's turn to present at the MVSA Education Meeting. Mr Damien Holdaway gave an enlightening talk on paediatric trauma and Dr Domenic Robinson reviewed the role of long-segment SFA stenting and outlined the Geelong Hospital experience with this technique.

ICSS: Carotid endarterectomy superior to stenting, at least in the short term

From Medscape Medical News—a professional news service of WebMD

Stockholm, Sweden - Safety data from the International Carotid Stenting Study (ICSS), comparing carotid endarterectomy with stenting in patients with recently symptomatic carotid stenosis eligible for either procedure, shows superior results with surgery, at least at 30 days' postprocedure [1].

"We have provided in this randomized trial strong evidence that carotid endarterectomy is safer than carotid artery stenting in the primary intention-to-treat [ITT] analysis and also in the per-protocol analysis, where there were twice as many strokes associated with stenting as with carotid endarterectomy," principal investigator Dr Martin M Brown (University College London Institute of Neurology, UK) reported on behalf of ICSS investigators.

The difference in strokes was driven largely by nondisabling strokes associated with stenting, a finding that may have been balanced to some degree, Brown noted, by a much higher frequency of cranial nerve palsy seen with endarterectomy.

Still, he concluded, "Carotid endarterectomy is the treatment of choice for suitable patients with recently symptomatic carotid artery stenosis."

Their findings were presented at the European Stroke Conference 2009.

Michael DeBakey RIP

For those who do not know, Michael DeBakey passed away on June 11, 2008.
His obituary and a series of articles about him are available on the New York Times Website.

Online Surgeon Directory

An online surgeon directory has been added to the website - Click on "About Us" on the top right and then choose "Surgeon Directory" from the list.

In order to appear in the list, you must:

1. Fill in your Professional Information (click on "My Account" on the left hand side of the page)
2. Tick "Show me in the Surgeon Directory" on the same page
3. Be registered on this website as an MVSA Ordinary Member (this is done by an administrator automatically when your account is created)

Website Update

Regular visitors will notice that the MVSA website has been redesigned. The MVSA website has been moved to a new content management system which should be much simpler to update and maintain, leading to improved access to information for MVSA members and the general public.

We hope that you find the new format easier to use as we work towards improving the content on the site.

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